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HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY 20 - 11 - 2017


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Theo như nghiên cứu cấu trúc đề thi tốt nghiệp THPT quốc gia chính thức năm 2016 và đề thi thử tiếng anh do các trường ban hành thì thông thường một đề kiểm tra tiếng anh sẽ có một bài luận theo một chủ đề và một số yêu cầu nhất định cho trước. thường chiếm khoảng 1.5 điểm trên thang điểm 10 và đây có thể coi là một trong những câu hỏi giúp phân loại thí sinh.

2 bài luận tiếng anh mẫu tham khảo.

Bài luận: In about 140 words, write a paragraph about life in a multiracial community.

Living in a community where there are people of various races could be a rewarding and an exciting experience. Such a community is like a small world with many types and races of people in it. Everyone, young orold, enjoys listening to stories about people in other lands. We read books and newspapersto learn about the habits, customs and beliefs) of people who do not belong to our race, but when we live in a community composed of many races, we have the opportunity to meet and talk with people or various races. We can learn about their customs and beliefsdirectly from them. For example, in Singapore and Malaysia, which are known as multi-racial countries, Malays, Chinese, Indians have lived together for several decades. Itcould therefore be said that life in a multi-racial community teaches us many useful lessons in human relations.

Bài luận tiếng anh: In about 140 words, write a paragraph about the trip you have made to a famous city.

A few months ago my father and I visited Singapore, one of the most famous cities in Asia.

Singapore, a small island, lies at the southern and of West Malaysia. A long and narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town of West Malaysia. Singapore is now an independent.

The city of Singapore is extremely beautiful. It iswell known for its centres of business and other activities. There are many places of interest such as the Tiger Balm Garden, the Botanical Gardens and Raffles Museum. There are also many important centres of learning such as the University of Singapore, Science Centre, the Nanyang University and the Polytechnic. Being a famous city, hundreds of people come every day from various parts of the world to do business or to enjoy the sights of the city.

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